Avengers Christmas One-Shot

( I know it’s late, but I wrote this on Christmas and I hope you like it. Faith Out!)
” JOSH!!!!!!!!!!” Joanna’s voice boomed down the corridor. ” Where are the ornaments? We need to finish the tree before dinner! Plus, Thor hasn’t come back yet!” Wanda rubbed her friend’s shoulder. ” Go easy ok? It’s hard getting Pietro to walk instead of run, trust me.” ” Yeah! He kept trying to run me over!” Josh came in hidden behind the boxes with Pietro not too far behind. Pietro grinned wolfishly as Josh slightly glared before friendly punching him. Pietro playfully shoved him back, ” We could’ve been done if you had let me run.” Wanda rolled her eyes as she lifted tinsel on the top of the tree. ” And you break half of them? No way.” The quartet looked at each other and laughed. This is going to be the best Christmas ever!

Nat, Steve and Sam came in with wreaths and chestnuts. ” Nuts for eating and wreaths need to be-” Steve was cut off by Pietro grabbing the wreaths and putting them up in their places. ” You were saying?” Nat threw him a chestnut. ” Alright you’re done decorating and leave the rest to us.” Pietro pouted, but then posed a grin. He ran off to his room. Josh and Joanna shook their heads and proceeded to help with the ornaments. Christmas this Year by Tobymac played in the background as Bruce and Tony made Christmas dinner, The twins did the tree, Sam, Nat and Steve did the other decorations and Vision, War Machine and Black Panther were out getting last minute shopping done.

Laughter, thinking and the fire popping were the soft noises protruding the atmosphere as the team was getting ready for Christmas Eve. Joanna sipped her hot cocoa as she gazed into the ambers. I remember Christmas on Xander, but it seems more….magical and special here. The soft glow of the fire makes the nativity scene more…..striking. I think Josh and I will love having our first Christmas together like this. Josh hugged his sister from behind and laughed. ” Of course! Now let’s go play with some snowballs!” Wanda, Pietro and Joanna cheered and ran outside to romp in the powdery white snow.

” Snow angels!” Wanda shouted as she flopped into the snow and steeped her arms and legs. Pietro and Josh were deeply engaged in a snowball fight while Joanna was attempting to make a snowman. Hours passed as they all shouted with glee in the cold. Then they caught up with friends to go caroling in Times Square until they sadly had to head back. Wanda and Joanna started rambling about favorite carols while the boys discussed Christmas pranks. Pietro hummed as they walked into the Tower. ” That was great! Now time to eat.” Wanda groaned. ” Is that all you think about?! Food? Thor should be back and we get to open presents!”

Josh tore into his gifts like a hyena after meat. Pietro laughed at his speed and challenged him to see how could unwrap their gifts faster. Laugher rang out in the common room as the girls passed out gifts and hot drinks while the boys did their usual rough routine. Steve suddenly called out, ” Guys it’s snowing outside! Plus look at the lights.” Joanna and Josh rushed to the window. ” Woah…..it’s amazing.” Josh exhaled. Joanna nodded, ” Like it was at home.” Steve and Bucky glanced at the alien twins. Bucky ruffled Josh’s hair. ” Don’t daydream too much, we still have gifts to go through!” Pietro nodded, ” Yeah!”

Afterwards, when the tower was quiet, all who remained awake where the quartet and Bucky. Everyone else had gone to bed. Wanda was gazing at the nativity, Josh was reading, Joanna was looking at the mantle while singing softly and Pietro and arm wrestling Bucky. Bucky easily beat him. ” Nice try, but I think there’s some green hanging from the doorway.” Pietro glanced and saw. He walked under it and beckoned Joanna to come. She laughed and dragged Josh with her. Wanda followed suit until they all were under the mistletoe. ” Merry Christmas to all and Praise Him for His gifts!” They laughed before kissing. Bucky grinned, ” Two types of love fall under that branch. Family love between twins and romantic love of Joanna/Pietro & Josh/Wanda. ” The twins playfully tackled him as Silent Night softly played for the Bluetooth speakers.


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