The Symphony 

I step out in the cold blustering wind and tighten my coat

We race to the open church doors and sighed in relief

Brochures and pamphlets are passed out by attendees in ties and coats

My family and escort to our seats in the upper rows

I gaze over the slightly packed room as crystal glistens from the lights.

I see the choir seats and the seat for the company all bare

I see friends down below and whisper to myself

One by one, musicians come out to tune

Then the choir come out above, row by row altogether

The lights dim and the room becomes hushed

The tenor, countertenor, seperno, and bass-bastrone all take their front seats

All applaud as the conductor came near

Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, it begins

Handel’s Messiah has told its tale

The music is special and sweet, but my ears still ring form the voices

The story is from Scripture alone, combining to tell three tales

I hear the violins play together with the piano and think back

The clarinets are hard to hear, but their soft tone can be faintly heard

The oboe, drums and trumpets are rare, but bring power

The notes are high and drawn out by the tenor and singers

I could barely follow, but the lyrics was printed for us

A final Amen brought it to a close, but I shall never forget the power in the music and tale.

Handel’s Messiah


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