Written in Stars

I lay back on the cold wet grass on a hill
The cold blustering wind gives us both a chill
You hold me close on the blanket, gazing up
I see the deep night reflex in your eyes faceup
The stars twinkle each with it’s own color
The sky is so clear, I see each little one without a blur
Orion, The Big Dipper, Tarius all on a map
The stars all cluster and there’s never a gap
You show me the Milky Way and planets through the scope
A kaleidoscope of lights and colors, I don’t need a horoscope
To see that you and I are so close
We both shine under starlight, we practically glow
On this starry night, I show something secret
As I began to whisper, we both see a comet
I point out each constellation, eyes shining
We both stand in the moonlight, crickets chirping
We spend the entire night just gazing at them
Our names are carved up there, little night-sky gems
What wonders God has made in the heavens
He has placed this message, for the chosen ones
Christians know and hear it and we must tell
Do you not see the stars? Your joy shall swell
Do you see His Glory above? Arise O warrior
The stars indeed shine forever yet we are brighter
Spend a night outside. Feel your heart stir
He has a purpose and a call, will you answer?
I hold you tight as midnight creeps close
We stay on that hill, our hearts echo
We know the call, taking what’s ours
Forever we remain, written in stars


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