The Mended Path

Josh slowly knelt onto the ground as they sobbed their pain out. Wanda and he took care not to cry out too loudly for fear of gaining unwanted attention. Josh stroked Wanda’s plaited mahogany hair until she lifted her face from his chest. Josh voice’s cracked in pain as he calmed her down. ” Wanda, you have something Joanna and I never did. You knew your parents, we probably never will.” Wanda stared into his dazzling blue and green eyes. ” But you could know they if you found them. You still go through the same pain and loss as we did. Why do you think we understand each other so well? Josh I…”

Josh brushed away his and her tears, ” You what Wanda?” Wanda looked down at the roses along the path before picking one. She gazed at it’s red petals and looked at him. ” Джош Я люблю тебя!” ( Josh I love you!) Josh gasped a bit in shock. Wait, she does love me? Then Joanna spoke true as do I. He took the rose from her hand and placed in her hair. He smiled softly at her in the pale moonlight. ” As I love you Wanda.” He leaned and gently place a kiss on her red lips. Wanda’s heart flew into the clouds at his words and kissed back.

Wanda broke the kiss, not to her pleasure, as Josh helped her up. Josh blushed a bit as they walked down the path back towards the steps. ” We better head back, we need to get home.” Josh said out to the air. Wanda giggled and squeezed his hand. ” I’m not letting go again. Never.” Josh smiled, ” I won’t either and I hope Joanna does the same with Speeder.” They both laughed as they approached the end of the path.

Josh, Wanda, Pietro and Joanna all meet on the stairs. They saw the way they each had entered and grinned. Joanna spoke first, ” So you told her?” Josh smiled back at his twin’s wide smile. ” Yes and she told me so I guess we all know what went down after that.” They all laughed as they sat down. ” So I guess we have to tell the others?” Wanda inquired. Josh and Joanna nodded and Pietro bear-hugged his sister. ” I think they will be glad. I’m sure of it.” They all nodded and gazed up at the bright starry sky for a while, pointing our constellations. He made them and knows their name. He always hold us, maybe God put them in our life’s for a reason. Praise be to Him.

Those thoughts ran through everyone’s mind. The cold wind blew over them as they leaned on the marble steps. Joanna spoke of how the constellations on Xander were similar to the ones they spotted now. Wanda talked of what everyone at the party inside was thinking when they spoke to them. Everyone laughed at one kid’s thought of how he thought Joanna was a literal star. ” Yeah, I totally feel from the sky and I shine at night.” Josh and Joanna burst out laughing and Wanda with Pietro rolled the steps barely breathing. A shooting star crossed the sky. Pietro pointed, ” Look! Say a prayer!” Josh raised his eyebrow then grinned. ” A prayer instead of a wish. Clever.” The Maximoffs grinned and closed their eyes. Joanna and Josh followed suit.

Wanda opened her eyes to the sound of a car approaching. ” I think our ride is coming.” ” Aww, but this is so much fun!” Joanna pouted. Pietro kissed her cheek, ” I know, but we have a normal early day tomorrow.” Josh smirked and helped Wanda up and they ran down the steps. Joanna stopped and grabbed her brother. They grinned and shouted, ” Nunca querer saír! Adoramos aquí! Grazas, Deus!” They laughed at Wanda and Pietro’s confused faces. ” Welche Sprache ist das?!” ( What language is that?!) The limo pulled up and they got in. Josh huffed, ” It is the language of Xander. Joanna and I usually only speak it when we are alone, but we decided to shout with joy.” They all hugged and talked the whole way home.

They finally pulled up outside the tower and got out. Pietro frowned at the unlit tower and decorations. ” What’s up with the lights? They should be lit by now, It’s 9:30″ Wanda frowned as they went inside. Why is it so quiet? It’s never this silent? Don’t you think so Joanna? I agree Wanda. This is so odd. Maybe JARVIS knows something. ” JARVIS, where is everyone?” Joanna called out. The elevator opened, ” Upstairs Miss, they request all of you in the meeting room.” They went into the elevator and went up to the 15th floor and the door opened. It was dead quiet and Josh opened the doors to the meeting room.

Everyone glanced up and Thor beckoned them to sit down. Pietro noticed the bags and everyone’s attire. ” What’s going on? Why aren’t the lights on outside?” Josh nodded, ” It’s quieter then usual. Is everything ok?” Thor raised his hand, ” I bring news from Asgard. Cap has agreed to the proposition I have brought back and you must ready yourselves.” The four looked at each other and asked, ” For what?” Cap inhaled and answered with a calm voice. ” We are leaving for Asgard.” Silence fell over them as they tried to hide smiles as the four teens gasped in shock.

A new adventure awaits us all.


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