A Walk Among Her Thoughts

She walked slowly and silently. Her red curly locks shone bright against the white snow on the hard ground. She looked behind her as she tighten her cape around her, shielding her from the harsh cold. I hope it turns back to spring soon. They haven’t visited me in a while. Me….I live alone and always have. Ever says I’m crazy to live among the animals and trees, but they don’t see the beauty here. I wish he would return home. This war is harming everyone…even me. She quickly found the old trail she had trod in the past. She slowly glided on it as the sun peeked through. She pulled up her hood so the snow wouldn’t wet her bouncy curls.

Laughter rang out behind her and two young children rushed past into the sunny forest which housed spring. A red-haired girl was chasing a butterfly while a blonde boy was running behind her. “Wait up! I can’t run as fast as you ya know!” The girl slowed down and waited for him. The butterfly flew out of reach as he reached her. “But you wanted to get the butterfly..” He looked at her confused about her choice of actions. She merely smiled, “My mother says to always wait for and on a friend, even if you are chasing something else. Something better comes from your friendship.” She giggled at him and he smiled.

She watched as the memory suddenly flashed and she brushed the snow out of her bright eyes. The children were gone and so was spring. Snow lay heavily on the old path as she walked forward. She glanced to her side to spot a small white fox sitting on the side of the path. It switched it tail and barked. She smiled and took from her basket a piece of bread. She knelt down and extended it to the small blanched creature. It quickly snatched it away and ran off, invisible among the snow.

She smiled and continued to walk down the path, thinking about the blonde boy in her memory and how he left to fight. She dearly missed him. She looked up at the ashen sky through the dead tree branches. He really understood me. We were always friends. He protected me for my oddity and I hoped him because he has fragile health. I wonder if he’s ok now. It is almost the holiday season here in the forest. The elfs, dwarfs, and fairies all come to the cabin, but will it be the same?

These thoughts swarmed through her as she approached her cabin. It was a quant tiny house, but enough for her. She smiled to herself at the memory of moving in from the village about a 15 minute walk away. She preferred to be in the outdoors rather then close to it. She wiped her snowy wet boots off outside before entering. “I’m home!” she called as she shut the door and waited for her dogs. Her husky came bounding in and begins to whine excitingly. “Easy, easy! You’ll get your treats in just-“ She walked into the living room to see a familiar figure in the chair. The boy rose slowly as she dropped her basket. “I came back.”


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