The Mended Path

Joanna was putting her hair up in a low bun at her vanity when Josh burst into her room. ” Temos que ver Nova York de preto! Con Pietro e Wanda tamén!” he shouted as he dancing around her room. Joanna laughed with pins in her mouth and replied, ” Si, con eles. Debemos agrupar-se, xa que está frío aquí.” Josh grinned and pulled out a Parka he had with him. She finished and pulled from her drawer two beanies, two sets of gloves and two scarfs for them. Josh kissed her forehead as he put his beanie on. ” In our favorite colors too.” Joanna ruffled his hair as she walked out. They ran outside to see Wanda & Pietro waiting for them. They too had coats, hats and gloves on. Wanda hugged Joanna and Josh bro-hugged Pietro. ” Холод не так ли? Имеет ли получить этот холод на Xander?” Pietro asked them as the foursome strolled down the street. Josh smiled, ” Может, но мы знаем, как справиться с этим.”

They laughed as they went into Times Square. Josh marveled at the boards while Joanna was scanning them. ” Woah! The tech is pretty neat, but could use some upgrades.” Josh deadpanned while the Maximoffs snickered. Wanda poked her, ” Is Xander more advanced?” Joanna nodded. ” Very much so. We have real hover boards, flying cars, speeders and much more!” Her amber eyes sparkled as Josh rolled his eyes. ” The country and forests are really nice too.” Pietro attend him and smiled. They did some window shopping, showed them the library and monuments, went ice skating and then started to head towards the school. ” Have you ever been to a public school?” Pietro inquired. Josh shook his head, ” All agents of the Nova Corps are homeschooled.”

They all laughed until a voice behind them spoke. ” Well, well, look who we have here.” Wanda and Pietro froze. Joanna and Josh stopped, ” What the matter?” Wanda made a telepathic link to all of them. Stay still. Don’t move yet. We have a problem behind us. They all turned around the see who it was.

Pietro got in front of Wanda as Josh moved as well. Three teenage boys were standing behind them looking smugly at the girls. One was pretty skinny and the other two were heavyset. The middle one walked up to Pietro. ” Well look who’s back, the speeding homeschooler.” They laughed as if he had made a great joke. Josh and Joanna looked confused while Wanda rolled her eyes in annoyance. Aaron and his buddies Simon and Joseph. They try to bully us all the time. They don’t scare us and they get nowhere anyway. Let’s go. They turned to walk away, but Simon grabbed Joanna’s arm. ” Hey! Let go.” Joanna growled but Simon gripped harder. ” Sorry, but you look new to me. What’s your name sugar head?” A mischievous glint flashed in his eyes and Joanna tore herself from him. ” Run!”

They took off running. Pietro picked up his sister and sped off. Joanna grabbed Josh, ” Push forward with the wind.” Josh heard her whisper and took her hand. He clenched his fist and the earth shook behind them, causing the trip to stumble behind them. He swept his hand forward and the wind pushed them forward. Wanda looked behind her. They can handle themselves. They have powers too. Josh snickered, We can hear you. Wanda blushed. Oh right. I forgot. They all laughed as they stopped in front of the high school. Pietro put Wanda down and Josh stopped running. Pietro looked back, ” Ich glaube, wir haben die Schurken verloren.” They grinned before walking up the steps into the school. Whoever they were or want they wanted, they won’t get it! Joanna thought as she glanced at her left wrist. Josh side-hugged his sister, knowing what she was thinking.

They stepped inside to see the students stared at them. Joshua and Joanna whispered to the Maximoffs. ” Are you sure about this?” Wanda nodded, ” They knew we were coming. Don’t worry about it.” They winked and laughed. Josh and Joanna walked down the hallway with them to the principal’s office. Girls whispered among themselves about ” That witch” or ” Who is the new white-beauty?” Joanna and Wanda ignored these murmurs and smiled. The boys eyed Josh and Pietro and moved away. They seem to fear us, Josh thought. Pietro nodded solemnly. Josh went forward and knocked. ” Come in.” Pietro opened the door and they went in. A man stood and shook hands with them. ” Welcome Maximoffs and…” he paused at Josh and Joanna. ” Xander” Joanna inserted as she shook his hand. ” Welcome then. Please sit.”

The next 2 hours were spent in the school. Josh and Joanna were indeed surprised by the school system, but they were laughing in their minds on how different it was form Xander schools. Wanda and Pietro asked them about it and they showed them both videos of school life. Soon, Pietro and Wanda were smirking. They explained the situation to the principal and he granted them accessed to the school if needed. By 2:17, they were back on the streets of New York. ” Ever had coffee before Josh?” Wanda asked as they approached a Starbucks. Josh and Joanna tilted their heads, ” What’s coffee?” Pietro grinned and shoved them inside. ” You shall find out then!” Josh and Joanna were told to sit still and wait. After a few minutes Wand and Pietro came back with four cups a creamy brown liquid. Pietro put a cup in front of each. ” Try it!”

Joanna took an uncertain sip. A chocolatey flavor exploded in her mouth with a hint of a mint. Josh could feel the coffee bean in his drink and eagerly drank it. They both gasped after a long sip, ” ITS AMAZING!!!” The Maximoff twins held their sides as they choked out laughs. People began to whisper and murmur, but mainly stared at the Xander twins. After they had calmed down, they began to discuss school again. ” What events do schools do?” Joanna inquired. Wanda brighten, ” There is that dance coming up in three days.” Josh raised an eyebrow, ” A dance? Like a gala?” Pietro shrugged. ” Kinda of, but more geared to was young adults.” They got up and walked outside. ” There’s music, food, dancing, karaoke sometimes and games.” Pietro listed off the events. Wanda and Joanna began to talk about attire while the boys ranted about the games.

They arrived back at the Tower after a long day in the city. Nat called out, ” You’ve been gone all day! Did you enjoy it?” The foursome grinned and answered with a shout. ” It was a blast!” They jumped into the couches and told them everything. Tony and Sam stopped their game on the XBox to listen as Steve walked in with Pepper. They laughed at the coffee story and inquired about the school. Afterwards, Pietro went to war with Josh on the Wii while Joanna and Wanda played Just Dance. Steve looked at Thor and Thor nodded. Those three boys….what did they want? On another note, I hope Thor hears from him soon. At least, after the dance. They need to settle down before going into space again. He grinned as Josh tackled Sam and started an impromptu wrestling match with all the guys and joined in. The girls stuck with dancing and music until it was nigh time for bed.

The next morning, Joanna quickly ate breakfast before grabbing her bag and bumping into Thor. ” Easy fair child or thee will trip.” he chuckled as they steadied each other. Joanna grinned, ” Sorry. I have to meet up with Wanda at the square. We are having another day out to prepare for the dance.” Joanna rushed past him and burst into her brother’s room. She came him a quick kiss, ” Tschüss! Wanda und ich sind in der Stadt!” she called running out. Josh shook his head, Girls…always running off. At least she has her bright smile and a friend again. Oh! I better go beat Pietro at bowling. He got up and meet Pietro in the game room. ” Ready to go down?” he asked with a grin.


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