The Mended Path

Joanna stirred in her sleep. She was dreaming she was back at the Academy, but everyone was gone. Just gone. The nightmare was moving so fast she couldn’t process it quite yet. Joanna quickly opened her amber eyes before the nightmare finished. She was breathing heavily and slowly brushed her white bangs out for her eyes. Woah, I felt like it was real. I think Josh had a nightmare too. Boy, twin vibes can be annoying at times. She rolled of her bed and went to her vanity. She slowly brushed her hair as she sang a song to calm herself down. Nightmares could get her worked up and she needed to stay calm or the tech would go mad. She glanced at her left wrist, the memory of Sokovia still fresh in mind. I’ve just glad we both got out alive and there’s no scar.. She smiled at the memory of his shocked face when she had saved him. That was when we couldn’t be seen, plus I think he…..maybe…I dunno..

She noticed the early time and went to shower. After about 15 minutes, she was on the porch taking photos of the early morning city life. After a couple snaps, she resumed her morning Bible reading. She and Josh had decided to read Esther after their devotional. She loved the story and would often calculated situations similar to the story and what they would do. She laughed a bit. Man, I’m the rational calculating one and Josh is more on instinct since he’s the nature powered one. I’m the nerdy girl is what humans would say. She spent several minutes reading and thinking about the recent events. They had been accepted and taken in. She knew that the past weeks had been rough, literally. Bruises covered their bodies and her wrists was badly bruised. We can’t tell them what happened… Her thoughts were interrupted by the door swinging open. She spun around.

Pietro had slept soundly all night, which wasn’t a surprise. But then he woke up suddenly with a feeling that something was wrong. It’s not Wanda’s vibe. Weird, it feels like Joanna is stressed or disturbed. I better see what’s up. He zipped in the bathroom, showered and zipped out. He jumped around on one leg, attempting to run and put clothes on at the same time. That only made him succeed in triping and falling on his face and back several times. He sighed, ” Почему Ванда всегда должны быть правы?” He pulled his sweater over his head and opened his door. The hall was quiet as Wanda walked past. They nodded a greeting, knowing where the other was going. Pietro quickly ran ahead and opened Joanna’s door. As he stepped in, he tripped over some books and fell forward and in front of Joanna.

Joanna covered her mouth to keep from laughing at the sight. ” Well, the great Quicksilver trips over a girl’s books and fall at her feet like a gentleman.” She sat down on her bed, holding her sides from laughing so hard. Pietro stared at her joy-filled visage. She’s so beautiful when she’s laughing… He grinned and joined in the mirth. He got up and sat next to her, ” Why are you up so early?” Joanna stopped and looked away, ” Nightmare woke me up. Plus, wanting to catch the sunrise and read my morning Bible.” Pietro gave her a worried look and noticed her wrist. He grabbed and Joanna blushed. ” It’s nothi-” ” This is where you were shot, no?” Pietro looked deep into her sparkling amber eyes and she sighed. ” Yes, it’s been rough.” she replied pulling it away and looked away.

Pietro watched her as she walked to the window. She’s a little homesick…and afraid of being alone…Wanda has taught me well. He got up and hugged her from behind. ” You’re with us now and don’t have to hide. Joanna… can tell me or Wanda anything ok?” He turned her around and smiled as he brushed her icy white hair away from her small face. ” I won’t let you go again.” Joanna was surprised by his embrace and words, but smiled slowly as she hugged him. ” I promise you that Pietro. I will.” The sunlit hit them as they embraced quietly. Joanna look deep into his blue eyes. He’s pretty handsome. They grew pensive as they held the hug, but Pietro broke it. ” We should head to breakfast. Come on, let’s go!” Joanna got pulled towards the door by Pietro and smiled. I think I understand now….I have to tell Josh about this!

Pietro picked her up, ” Wait Pietro!” Pietro grinned at her shocked face, ” Hold on.” He sped down the hallway, laughing at Joanna’s expression. Joanna felt the wind rush on her face as she griped Pietro for fear of falling. He stopped in the living room and put her down on a grandfather chair next to Wanda. Joanna stay stunned and then brushed the hair out her mouth. Wanda grinned, ” I have that problem too. It’s annoying when he does it impromptu.” She glared at Pietro as Josh and Pietro fistbumped and laughed. Wanda and Joanna winked before smacking them with pillows. They all laughed as they started a pillow war, enjoying the camaraderie in the air. However, after an hour and several wrestling matches, they were passed out on the couches and chairs.

Steve did his normal morning routine which was; Get up at 7, shower, run and then wake everyone up. Bruce didn’t take long, Nat was up already as was Clint. Thor was a bit of a problem as was Tony. In the end, he had Nat handle roping them to the kitchen. What time is it? Oh 8:00, perfect time to get the twins up. Both of them. He grinned as he thought of the Xander twins. Oh, Clint called them that once and it stuck, since they don’t know who their parents are. He knocked on Pietro door only for it to open swing open. He glanced inside to see nothing. Odd, he’s usually dead asleep on his bed or on the floor. He walked to Wanda’s to find the same result. He was a bit scared when he found the Xander twins gone as well. He ran to the common room, ” Guys the twins are..” Everyone was staring at the couches. He followed their gaze and grinned. Both set of twins were dead to the world in sleep.

Tony grinned and started to approach them, but was stopped by Bruce. ” Leave them be. I think they had a bit of a pillow war in here.” Bruce gestured to the pillows and blankets strewn all over the floor. Steve nodded, ” Let’s get breakfast started and then get them up. Wanda and Pietro have to show them around the city today.” Nat got the ingredients down for pancakes. Clint set the table and poured the drinks. He nudged Tony. ” I got you good this morning” he said with a grin. Tony growled, ” Just because I’m getting a drink at 4 a.m. and don’t see you sleeping on the top of the fridge, eyes open, doesn’t count.” Thor laughed, ” Indeed it does! And don’t trip over him next time. You fall quite loudly.” Everyone laughed a while as breakfast was wrapping up. Clint walked over to the sleeping young adults. He gently spoke each one and softly spoke. ” Breakfast is ready.” Never wake up kids roughly. I should know.

The twins, both sets, rubbed their eyes and yawned. Pietro zipped to the table as the others slowly meandered over. Wanda flicked her brother’s head. ” Will you wait…” she yawned, ” a bit before running off? The food is waiting and we must pray first.” Pietro mumbled and rubbed his head. Then everyone sat down and waited for Steve. He blessed the food and everyone dug in. Joanna eat heartily, this is sooo good! I must learn how they cook here! Thor grinned, ” Indeed you enjoy it. Learn from Steve or Bruce. They are the masters.” Bruce and Steve rolled their eyes and ate. Josh then stopped, a frown creased his brow. ” What’s the plan for today?” Nat swallowed before speaking. ” Wanda and Pietro are going to show you around town. You said you were homeschooled so you will only briefly visiting the high school here.” Joanna and Josh smiled wide as Pietro and Wanda laughed.

Steve was in the training room with Nat and the others when Fury came in. ” So you trust those aliens?” Fury asked with his usual tone. Steve punched harder and sighed. ” They helped us and the evidence is in their favor. They ran because of orders. I do trust them, but they will still have to prove themselves.” He punched again, this time knocking the bag over. Fury watched in silence. They are aliens. They know about us when we know nothing about them. I understand Steve is a very compassionate man, but we must be safe. ” I’ll give them a chance, but if they fail….you know what to do.” He walked out as everyone in the room looked at him concerned. Clint spoke to Nat, ” You think they will be okay?” Nat nodded, giving her answer in silence as she continued lifting weights.


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