The Mended Path

The team was silent, stunned by the story of the twins. The silence cut the air like a white hot knife before Nat spoke. ” So, you are twins? What are your powers? Who are the Guardians? Why us? What…” Steve stopped her, ” One at a time Nat. Give them space.” He nodded at the twins. Tony eyed them, suspicious of there motives.  How do the Nova Corps know about us? Why don’t we know about them? Josh grinned, ” Yes, I’m the older twin. Joanna has powers over tech and electricity. I have nature and earth powers.” Joanna handed her a drive, ” This will explain our mission and who the Guardians are in full detail. Nova Prime sent it herself. She is the leader of the Nova Corps.” They watched their stunned faces as they watched the video. They believe us… they grinned at each other.They waited, nervous, as they discussed amongst themselves.

The video ended and Nat, Steve and Clint looked at each other. ” Well, what now? They seem to be speaking the truth.” Clint stated. Nat nodded, ” But she said to have us watch over them for a bit until they are called back with us.” Steve scratched his chin thoughtfully. They helped us…but they only ran due to orders… Steve walked up to the Xander twins. Tony and the others watched him carefully, smiles dancing on their lips. They looked nervous before he spoke. ” It’s time you saw the full inside of the Tower.” He said with a grin as their faces lit up. They fistbumped before bowing to Steve. He raised his eyebrows, odd…. must be a respect thing on Xander.. and saying, ” Thank you for believing and accepting us!” Thor smiled as the twins rushed back into the cave to gather their belongings. ” Wise move, son of Rogers. They have earned our trust.” Within 10 minutes they were on their way back to the Tower.

Josh stood in his new room in amazement. ” Beeindruckend! Es ist so Natur fokussiert und schön! Sie wissen sicher, wie man auf der Erde schmücken!” he cried out. He danced around the room, looked at the books in his little library and finally flopped on his bed. ” I can’t believe it! We don’t have to hide anymore! Now we can…” A soft voice from his door caught him off guard. ” You can talk with us and not run.” He jerked up to see Wanda Maximoff standing the doorway. She had her brown hair in a loose bun, gray slippers, green tights and a cranberry sweater on. Josh stared for a second before inviting her in. ” Yeah, I guess so.” Wanda laughed. ” So, you speak German and Russian too?” ” Yeah, and English, Korean and many others.” They laughed as the awkwardness waned away with their joyful shouts.

Joanna gazed out of her window. The city streets swarmed with cars, the noise alone with annoying to her. ” Man, there’s never traffic on Xander. Earth is a funny place.” She glanced around at her room. It was much like her brother’s, but with electric accents and tech everywhere. She grinned as she heard a wind rushed into her doorway. ” It’s good to properly meet you too, Pietro Maximoff.” She turned to see the blushing 16 year old in her doorway. He was wearing gray sweatpants with a green shirt with a Nike symbol. She grabbed his hands and rushed into her brother’s room. ” Incoming!” both she and Wanda yelled as Pietro and her jumped onto the bed. The next few hours were spent talking, laughing and learning about each other. They knew that the next day would be a new adventure that they could face, together.

Josh was running……running non-stop in the dense gray and blue forest. The mist was thick and clouded his vision. He heard his sister screaming above and away from him. He stopped, listening. This forest….I’m back on Xander. When did this happen? He ran forward, calling the earth and air to drive him forward. He ran through the dark foliage until he burst out into the sun. Blinking, he saw the Xander city skyline and the canyon that led to the lush country. He gasped as he saw his sister hanging in a cage above the ravine ahead. He shouted, but no sound came out. He waved frantically at Joanna, but she didn’t see him. Dang it! He beat the ground to shake the cage, the earth bending and responding to his call. The cage swung dangerously close, it freaked under the pressure of the boulder. Suddenly, the chain snapped. It fell, down towards the bottom. He jumped up and leaped after it. Falling…falling…. He watched and saw Joanna gazed at him, scared. He closed his eyes, waiting for impact.

“Joanna!” He yelled as he inhaled, in his bed. I’m here, but what was that?! He wiped his brow to find it wet. Man, what a nightmare. He slowly swung his legs over the side of the hanging bed. His bed was hanging from chains off the ceiling to give his room a treehouse aura. He glanced at the clock, it read 5:38 A.M. He sighed and jumped down and walked into the bathroom. He started the hot shower as he looked at the bruises on his body from the past week. Wow, it’s worse then I thought. He slowly stepped in, letting the coursing water wash away the pain and night terrors. 10 minutes later, he was reading his Bible on his porch out side. He read his devotional and began reading Esther. She was so brave….Imagine if that happen to me or Joanna. Would we do the same? If we believe then yes! He heard a soft, shy knock at his door. ” It’s open.”

Wanda had slept peacefully, dreaming of her and Josh in the forest together. They were sitting on the edge of a pond and they leaned in close. Suddenly, visions of Joanna in danger and Josh in pain flashed through her mind. Her brown eyes fluttered open. His dream….collided with mine. He’s scared. She quickly got up and put on her red bathrobe. She plaited her hair as she walked towards his room. She slightly ran around the corner, worried he might hurt himself in his mental frenzy. She knocked lightly on his door before hearing him answered, ” It’s open.” She cracked it a bit to see him on the porch. She seemed to glide across the wood floor to him and sat down. ” Bad dreams?” Josh looked confused and then realized she must have seen them. He blushed at the sight of her plaited hair and her sleepy eyes. Woah..she so pretty. He sighed, ” Yeah, couldn’t sleep really. Sorry to wake you.”

Wanda giggled. ” It’s fine, Pietro does that sometimes with me. On purpose though.” She rolled her eyes and Josh grinned a bit. ” If you say so….” the smile faded. Wanda leaned close to him. ” What’s wrong?” Josh didn’t answered out loud, but she heard him answer in his head. I still can’t believe what happened to you and Pietro. We read about your past. Joanna and I know the feeling of not having parents, but know they are alive and you….. A tear fell down her cheek as she realize the compassion Josh and Joanna felt towards them. ” Вот почему вы хотите, чтобы встретиться с нами так плохо.” Josh nodded and sighed, ” plus, we really just wanted to meet you guys in general.” He glanced at Wanda and smiled a bit.

Wanda blushed and fiddled with hands, unsure what to say next. A brown ringlet had fallen from her braid. Josh reached and brushed it away from her face. They sat there for a few minutes just gazing at each other. Josh made no attempt to run and Wanda began to smile, a wide beautiful smile full of joy and hope. Josh blushed a bit before holding her hand. Wanda looked at him, their hands and back again. I know we just meet, but I think….no..maybe? I’ll talk to Pietro about it later. For now, I’ll enjoy the moment. She slowly rose and pulled him with her. ” Come on. Let’s go to the kitchen and surprise them by being there early.” Josh quietly snickered and followed her down the fadedly illuminated hallway by the pale morning sunlight. They entered the conjoined kitchen and living room. Wanda led him to the couches before turning sharply towards him. What is she…

Wanda pushed Josh onto a couch and fell into a grandfather chair as she called it. Josh made a face, ” Don’t push! It’s not nice.” Wanda grinned and made the chair lean back. ” You were going to collapse anyway. But tell me, what is Xander like? What are the Nova Corps?” I better ask two at a time. Don’t want to rush him. Josh was quiet before explaining. ” The Nova Corps are like…ummm. Like SHIELD and police combined. One branch is the police part and the other is the SHIELD part. Xander is almost like Earth but the culture is very very diverse. Many people form other planets and galaxies live there in the main city. There is a country, but it’s very rural and few people go there.” Wanda listened, drinking in the picture he was painting for her. ” Sounds amazing.” ” It sure is.” They smiled at each other before glancing at the hallway entrance to Pietro and Joanna come in.


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