The Mended Path

The wind was cold that morning as the sun’s pale rays struck the Statue of Liberty. Joanna, perched on the top of the Empire State Building, snapped a couple of photos of the sunrise. She smiled as she turned to see her 15 year old brother roll in his sleep. To think we are both 15, man we’ve been here a while. Her white hair blew across her face in the wind while her amber eyes sifted back to the sunrise. She checked her watch, it’s bright light shone the numbers 06:15 A.M. ” You say you want to see the sunrise and yet you fall sleep again.” she remarked laughing. Josh groaned as she shook him awake. He finally opened his two colored eyes and got up to watch the sun rise on the new day filled with hope. So much has happened and we’ve learned so much along the way. We are continuing our journey on this mended path.

They remained silent as they thought of the past year. A whole year had gone by since Ultron and the Avenger’s Civil War just happened a few weeks ago. What a lot to go through, plus we are both 15 now. What next? Josh thought as the wind whipped their hair and sun steady rose above the horizon. ” We been through a lot, you know?” Joanna whispered. He turned to her. Her amber eyes gazed into the sun as if boring holes into it with her thoughts. ” Sokovia, Africa and then Germany. They were tearing each other apart. Now, they are healing. Steve is Captain America again, they are a team again. You know, I think it’s time.” Josh raised an eyebrow. ” For what?” he asked. ” For them to know about us.” Josh stared at his sister’s suggestion, processing what that would mean.

They had been talking about Joanna’s resolve and decided to tell Nova Prime about it. She answered their call and heard them out. Joanna explained her reasoning behind her idea and begged Nova Prime for permission. She pondered the thought, ” So they have repaired the team yes?” Josh nodded, ” Yes ma’am. Bruce and Thor have both returned and the government has restored their trust in the team again.” They both grinned and Nova Prime nodded. ” Do they have the tags you left behind? You were to leave them as clues.” Josh grinned. ” We did, but I believe they are hot on our tails. They still don’t know our names or where we are from.” Joanna assured her. Nova wrote down their report and studied it. Josh and Joanna bit their lips and held hands, anxious for the answer. Nova looked up, ” Yes.”

Wanda stretched as she finished her morning workout with her brother. They walked along the glass hallway, holding hands and watching the sunrise. Pietro took it all in. So much has happened. Thor and Bruce came back. Steve became Cap again, plus made up the government. Civil War happened before all that and now there’s peace. Wanda dropped something she had been clutching. ” Ist das der Hund des Jungen?” Pietro inquired. Wanda nodded, ” Ja, I’ve held onto it in hope I…uh…we see them again.” She blushed as her brother squeezed her. ” I know, I wish to see the girl again soon. All we have is the flashdrive and these dog tags.” They sighed, both lost in their thoughts of those strange twins. They walked into the breakfast hall where the others had gathered.

Josh and Joanna began to prepare the devices. Josh frowned as his sister scrambled at her computer. ” Will they come? Or even believe us?” Joanna stopped. He has a point. But we have to try! We can’t give up! She grinned a bit. ” I think they will rocha, we can do this.” Josh smiled and checked their connection. He reached out to feel the metal from the dog tags and nodded to his sister. ” They are in the hall, perfect time for us.” He knelt down as his sister set up the mic. She hesitated, I’m scared now…what if… Her thoughts were disturbed by Josh putting his hands on her slim shoulders. ” You got this.” he whispered. He gently embraced her, kissing her head. Joanna smiled, reassured by her brother’s kind encouragement and turned it on.

The Avengers were having a normal breakfast, laughing, teasing and pranking each other. Tony suddenly choked on his coffee. ” You okay genius?” Clint asked. Tony pointed towards the twins. Everyone followed his gaze and stared. The twins looked confused, ” What are you guys…” they broke off their sentence as they fell out of their seats. Pietro gasped out his words, ” The dog tags…..are glowing!” Wanda stared as the dog tags projected a hologram of a screen. A play button appeared and Nat slowly pressed it. The recording began and a girl’s voice called out. ” Avengers, we have been watching you for the past year and have deemed you ready to meet us. You have come close to finding us, but it was not time. We wish to further explain our presence to you, but you must meet us as a team alone. Come to the Redwood Forest and wait.”

The recording ended and the tags returned to normal. Silence hung in the air, unmoving for several minutes. Wanda snapped them out of it, ” Let’s go. If this is a possible threat, we can take it out early.” Steve nodded, ” Suit up. We ride in ten minutes.” Within 15 minutes they were on the road, Steve was on his bike with Nat, Tony was driving with the rest. Everyone had a vehicle, except Pietro and Wanda. Pietro always insisted that he run with his sister. Older brother syndrome, what can I say? Wanda rolled her eyes, yeah right. You just can’t sit still for 5 minutes. Clint oohhed, ” Sister burn!” Pietro laughed and everyone joined in. Nat smirked, it’s good to have the team back.

An hour later, they were all sitting in the Redwood clearing they had been beckon too. They were surrounded by pines and Redwood trees. A rock formation towered above them. ” It look like Pride Rock no?” Thor asked. Steve nodded and smiled. ” Classic movie and yeah it does. Hope it has a cave.” Tony kicked a stone, ” This a wild goose..” He was cut off by a young man’s voice. ” A wild goose chase Mr. Stark? I believe you are wrong.” A girl then spoke, ” Yes, you trusted our word and we will fill our part.” Wanda frowned and spoke to Pietro’s mind. That voice….we know that voice… Pietro’s eyes widen, do you think…? The sun rose above the towering granite, casting a great shadow as two silhouettes appeared at the ridge. Everyone covered their eyes and gasped at the sight of who it was.

The two shadows jumped down from the edge and landed back to back on the wet grass. Everyone stared as they saw the two kids who jumped off the bridge in Seoul. The white-haired, amber eyed girl with the brown-haired, two colored eye boy! Wanda and Pietro gasped at the sight of the twins they had meet met before. It’s them! They called us here?! They glanced at each other in shock. Nat looked at the drive in her hand and saw one hanging from the girl’s belt just like it. It was them?!?! Josh spoke first, ” I understand you might be surprised. Especially the Maximoffs.” He nodded to them with a smile. Joanna motioned for them to sit. ” Our story is a bit long, so please make yourself comfortable.” They slowly sat as Joanna and Josh sat on rocks and began their tale.

Josh began, ” As you might see, we are not form Earth. We hail from a planet named Xander in a galaxy about…” he paused trying to remember how far it was. Dang it! Now I look stupid… Joanna saved him from embarrassment. ” Precisely 74 hours away if taking one of our ships.” She winked at her brother and continued. ” We are part of the NCYAP. That’s the Nova Corps Young Agent Program. We were sent to Earth to collect data and observe you as a team so you could be an ally to the Guardians of the Galaxy.” She paused, studying their reactions. Josh finished, ” We witnessed the Battle of New York and all events after. We did assist you all behind the shadows at times. But we lost a flash drive at one point…” He nodded at the drive in Nat’s hand. ” So, we decided it was time you knew about us.”


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