The New Way

Joanna had sent Bruce the coordinates of Ultron’s base so he could get Nat and become Hulk. ‘Course Nat will change him, they have some sort of an attraction to each other. She watched as Wanda and the others made the people evacuate the city and did the same. She also caused the tech in the city to power down, so that Ultron couldn’t access anything else. She heard running behind her and Josh came up to her. ” Breathe, brother. What does he want?” Josh exhaled before blurting out, ” Vai levantar a cidade e deixar caer na Terra!” Joanna’s amber eyes flashed as she put all the pieces together. It makes sense….Wanda must have seen it too so that’s why they left him. They both saw Tony headed back towards them and figured he knew the same. Josh grinned, ” Ready to fight some bots?” he asked as they positioned themselves on top of the ruins. Joanna punched his arm lightly, ” Vostede sabe que” she exclaimed as the bots came charging.

The fight was brutal, bots attacking, people screaming & cars falling as the city lifted skyward and Cap and Thor took care of that. The others were dispersed across the city, protecting citizens form the upcoming bots. Pietro was running around them right and left, also moving people to safer grounds. Wanda was with Clint until they crawled into a building for safety. Wanda gasped, ” What have we done?” Clint looked at her, ” Look, that’s in the past kid. You’re here now, fighting for their lives. If I need to go grab your blue blur brother, that’s fine. I have a bow and arrows, I’m not really sure what’s happening, but you walk out that door” he pointed at the open frame, ” you are part of the team. You’re an Avenger.” He walked out, firing at robots. Wanda was still, stunned by his words. Memories of her late father and mother came flooding in. My choice…’s my turn to save people! She strode out after him, tearing the robots limb from limb until they were gone. Clint grinned until Pietro picked her up saying, ” Keep up old man.” Clint groaned, muttering to himself about how no one would ever know.

Josh and Joanna meet up at the ruin church as the Avengers had gathered around the engage button. Joanna groaned, ” If they push that, this city is going down.” Josh nodded and caused the earth to tremor and stones to fall on the bots. Joanna fired her bolts and tased several others. A couple minutes later, the Avengers had gone elsewhere, Vision had half destroyed Ultron and Wanda and Pietro remained at the church. Wanda spoke, ” Go help them. I can stay here and protect this” she said as she shot a bot. Pietro sighed before smiling and turning, ” You know, I’m 12 minutes older then you.” ” Just go.” Wanda replied chuckling. Josh and Joanna smiled as Pietro left. The twins reminded them so much of themselves. Josh stayed at the church while Joanna went to help the others get people aboard the safe ships. She saw a child stuck under rubble and Clint running towards him. Ok, help if need… An enemy ship came flying in, guns firing. Oh no…. She saw Pietro had noticed it and calculated what would happen next. ” NO!!!!” she screamed as she reached out, hoping to catch hold of him. Please….

Joanna felt herself being pulled by a strong force, the wind whipped her long white hair as she griped onto Pietro. He stopped in the path of the bullets. Please work….I don’t want you to go…. she thought as she put up her shields. They blocked all the bullets, but two had gotten past the barrier and hit her in the forearm and shin. The pain shot through her small frame as she winced. A scream broke out for her and the sound charged with electro particles. It hit the flying plane and badly damaged it. She put down the shields as she gasped in pain. She groaned in pain, but dare not show her face. Luckily, her brother took her away.

At the scream, Josh had run to the sound to see Joanna safe Pietro, Clint and the child, but got hit. Flames! I got to get her out of there! He caused a wall of rubble to come up between Pietro and her so they fell back. He then ran and grabbed her. ” Let’s go. They can handle the rest now.” he whispered and she nodded.  He ran along the shadows, hoping not to be seen by anyone. He jumped off the city grounds and landed safely in the woods below. Bitte verstehe, ich will nicht, dass du mehr weh tust. Außerdem könnten wir von ihnen gefangen warden. He thought as he flew.

Wanda felt her brother’s thought process and anger and fear begin to infuse and empowered her strikes at the bots. No! Don’t do it! You’ll kill yourself! Don’t leave me too! Tears streamed down her face as she whipped around. The bots suddenly stopped at the piercing sound of a girl’s scream. She release everything she had left to destroy them. Who was that? Pietro is alive….wait..Its that girl! She saved him…why? She’s spotted a shadow go after the noise and saw it was the boy. Then, she noticed a dog tag with strange markings on it and put it in her pocket. She walked out towards the ship, knowing it was over.

Pietro, meanwhile, was confused and shocked at the events. He had seen the plane and Clint with the young child. He knew he could make, no matter what the cost. He had zipped past the girl, but she had grabbed him and taken the shots for him. I thought I could take the shots, but why did she grab me? He fell back as the earth rose between them. He zipped around, but they were gone. ” Ну, я лучше понять это позже” he muttered as they finished the fight. He saw a light coming off an object and picked up a dog tag. Maybe we can figure out what these marks mean. He walked back with Clint.

Later, in the aftermath, Wanda and Pietro were on the Helicarrier with the rest of the Avengers. Wanda told him about seeing the boy again and Pietro explained the girl’s actions. ” I wonder why this happened. Ultron is dead now, Hulk is missing and they…” she didn’t finish. The Avengers nodded, processing the past few days. It seemed to be taking a toll on the team as arguments seemed more heated then usual. With SHIELD still repairing itself and the government almost totally against them, it was hard to stick together. Life was just getting more difficult for them. They remained silent until they had returned to the Avenger Tower.

Silence reigned over the ride home. Nat was worried about Bruce’s whereabouts and the others were thinking about the outcome in total. They all walked silently into the common room where they sat, thinking about what Fury would say. Cap spoke first, ” Well, Tony what have you discovered after all this?” Tony groaned, ” You’re going to lecture me again? You already did at Clint’s house.” Thor spoke, ” I believe the saying is, you must hear it twice to get it through that thick skull of yours.” Wanda and Pietro snickered at Thor’s attempt at burning Tony. Pietro then jumped up, ” What about those twins?” Everyone glanced at him in confusion. ” You mean the white-haired girl and the brown-haired boy who jump at Seoul?” Thor asked. Wanda nodded. ” We tried to talk to them, but they said that it wasn’t time yet to meet them.” Nat frowned and looked at the flash drive on the coffee table. ” For now, we better dig a bit deeper into them.” They knew that it was time to figure out why those two kids were helping them and, if need be, subdue them.

Joanna had passed to the pain while her brother flew them back to New York. Josh landed in the woods overlooking Manhattan. He brushed back the hair out his eyes while pulled back her pants and sleeves to look at the wounds. Man, one just grazed her but the other went in. I can draw it out without her feeling it. Here I go.. He closed his eyes while placing his hand over the wound on her arm. He could feel the bullet move and respond. He tried harder as Joanna whimpered in her sleep. He gasped as the bullet rushed out into his hand and she awoke. ” Am I ok? Are they safe?” Joanna asked with a scared look in her bright eyes. Josh shushed her and made her lay down. ” Все хорошо. Отдых и лечить.” Joanna sighed as they both looked into the skyline of New York. Memories of the past events flooded their minds. They both knew their mission might be harder due to the fractures in the Avengers. Something is going to happen again…..We just know it and maybe then…..we can show them ourselves…..


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