The New Way

They heard the quinjet coming as Ultron growled. Wanda flicked her hand, releasing the nurse from the stone’s (found inside Loki’s staff) spell. Pietro then grabbed her and ran out. They stopped in the middle of the city. ” We may hate Tony, but maybe we should help them.” Pietro said. Wanda looked at him confused, but knew it was right. ” Ja, we should” she answered and they waited for an opening near the train tracks. Back at the science facility, Josh had run inside to see Cap leaving, so he ran to the head nurse. ” Are you hurt ma’am?” ” No, but you might want to help those twins and the Avengers. Both are having Ultron and he must not finish that android.” Josh’s eyes widen in surprise and excitement. They are on our side now! But Ultron first Josh! ” Where did Ultron go?” The nurse pointed down the road to a semi with Ultron on top. ” Go, I don’t know who you are, but I believe you must help them.”

Josh nodded, left some medicine for them and ran. He whooped loudly with joy. she is on our side! They are on our side!!! Yes!! He then called and left his sister a voice mail about the good news. ” Okay, now to figure out where…..” he spotted the semi approaching with his sister and Cap fighting Ultron. Josh noticed the train tracks, ” O tren!” he cried as he jumped onto the oncoming train. He started to guided people towards the back. ” 안전을 위해 등뒤로 이동하십시오!” he shouted as they swarmed back. Thank God I know Korean. Meanwhille, Joanna had been following the truck on her jet pack, invisible to them. Man, Cap is taking it hard…wait a voice mail. She listened and almost shouted with joy, but instead flew up and kicked Ultron back. I better help Cap. She would hold Ultron back or make him stumble to give Cap an advantage. She spotted the train, ” Bingo!” She kicked Ultron onto the train and she and Cap followed.

Pietro and Wanda watched the semi and train pass. They nodded, ” Now!” Wanda shouted. Pietro took off as she jumped onto the second car. Ultron cam crashing into the car where Wanda was. She jumped, thankful she was behind him. Nice, I have a chance. Pietro rushed past Ultron, knocking him back so Cap could roundhouse kick him and Wanda could put up a barrier. ” You dare do this?” Ultron droned. Wanda sneered, ” Что у нас есть выбор ?!” She knocked him out of the train. Suddenly, a flying rock smashed him towards the water. Pietro and Wanda frowned as net went over him too. What’s going on?! Cap snapped them out of it, ” Kids, you blue one. You can run right?” ” ja..” “Good, get people out of the way and can you..” he turned to Wanda, ” can you stop this train?” She nodded as he held on. Wanda sent red wisps as she pulled back, straining the brakes hard. Pietro rushed out moving people as the train stopped, without harming anyone.

Josh breathed hard as he was laying down on the rubble. Joanna walked up, chuckling. ” He got Black Widow, but I tracked him.” Josh smiled and stood, ” Do I need to go get her?” Joanna grinned, ” Ja, ich bleibe bei den anderen, um ihnen zu helfen.” They did their fistbump and walked towards the edge of the road. They climbed  onto the railing, held hands and looked down at the drop. Josh sighed, ” You know I hate this takeoff.” A laughed danced in Joanna’s amber eyes as the wind whipped their brown and white hair. ” I know, but it’s….” A shout cut her off. “IT’S THEM!!!” They whiped around to meet eyes with all the Avengers and the twins. Josh griped her hand harder and whispered, ” Ir agora, eles non poden ver!” Joanna nodded, breathless. She let herself fall down and turned invisible before flying away with her brother. She exhaled. That was close. Too close, techie her brother responded.

Pietro and Wanda were standing alone, Wanda was rubbing her brother’s back as he regained his breath. Cap walked up to them. ” Good work…thank you.” Wanda hung her head as Pietro spoke for them. ” We were wrong, we want to make amends. We…” he stopped as Steve placed a hand on their shoulders. ” I understand, Tony can be an idiot sometimes, but he’s still part of the team. For now, will you assist us?” Wanda and Pietro stared wide-eyed at each other. Should we? Why not rot? This is mercy from the Captain! Yes….it is… They nodded, ” We will.” Steve smiled, “We are heading back to figure out the case and its contents.” They nodded and headed towards the quinjet. They meet up with the others and explained what had come to pass when Wanda shouted, ” IT’S THEM!!” They all looked at the ridge to see two teens about to jump. A girl with white hair and amber eyes tightly held onto a boy with brown hair and blue and green eyes. But within a moment, they vanished. They stared for a moment before being boarding silently. Who were they?

Josh and Joanna flew for about two hours before stopped on the roof of a business tower in NYC. They laid down on the concrete roof, breathing heavily. Josh spoke first, ” I should leave. Nat could be in danger.” Joanna scoffed, ” Black Widow, in danger? I doubt it but I’ll have the Avengers follow quickly so she gets distracted by them.” Josh rolled over and picked up his little sister. ” Quérote, vostede sabe diso, non?” Joanna smiled softly as she hugged his big frame. ” Sei, como eu podería esquecer? Temos a mesma conta.” He laughed as he put her down and held her small face in his hands. ” I’ll see you in Sokovia. Deus estea contigo e che coidar ben.” He ran and jumped off the building, flying away to the ringing shout of his sister. ” Deus estea contigo e che coidar ben tamén!”

Captain ran into the room where Tony and Bruce had the case. They had been arguing with everyone about what to do with it. Either charge it up or destroy it. ” We don’t need it here, we don’t know what it will do.” Tony rolled his eyes as everyone, especially those freaks twins, glared at him. ” If we put JARVIS in, we’ll be fine!” He started up the machine again, but was tackled by Clint. ” This isn’t a good idea!” Clint yelled as Tony kicked him off. Pietro ran around Tony, tripping him. Idiot as always. How do they manage with him? he thought as he ran to unplug it. Bruce held Wanda back. Wanda struggled until she hit herself in the stomach, causing the bolt to go through her, hitting Bruce. Man, I can use my own body for blasts. Awesome! Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, Thor burst into the room and landed on the case. He fired as lighting into it, causing it to overload and activate. A red and golden android body rose from the case, flying to the window.

Joanna had been watching them argue for hours. Geez, they can’t act like adults and talk it out?!?! This will get them into trouble one day….. Joanna got a tip from her best friend back on Xander about Thor heading back and sent her a report on the vision he had. She totally read his mind and watched it…man. She saw him coming and opened a window for him as he flew past her. She gasped in shock of the android and how it had a curious yellow stone on its forehead. She listened to their conversation, but it only processed in her subconscious. Her amber eyes were wide in shock at the stone the android, Vision, now possessed. That’ can’t be…the Mind Stone!!! She flashback to the presentation they had been shown about the six INFINITY Stones and their unlimited power. We know where four, possibly five, are, but know this?!?! He is Vision now…wake up Joanna! They are leaving. She jumped up and barely caught the quinjet as it took for Sokovia.

Josh had landed roughly on the outskirts of Sokovia. Man, big city….what does he want with the vibranium and this place? He quickly ran around the city, looking for any disturbances when he caught sight of a seemingly run-down building. That’s not run-down anymore. He nimbly climbed in through a window and landed not too far from Natasha’s prison. He watched as Ultron tore body after body of himself. What’s up with that and what is all these gears and wheels for? Josh knew Joanna would understand this better, but he got his answer form Ultron. ” This world will die and Sokovia will make that happen” Ultron croaked out at Nat’s stone-blank face. Josh frozen in horror, suddenly realizing what it all meant. He’s going to lift the city and drop it! A few hours later, Josh waited until Ultron left before “fixing” some mechanisms. He grinned and then hid in the shadows near Nat’s cell. He closed his eyes and focused on the metal. He slowly bent the bars until Nat could get out. Josh saw Bruce coming and left to go find his twin. Bruce has her now. She’s fine.


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