Texas Winter

The ashen somber sky greets my day

The golden sun no longer seeks to peek my way

The crisp forcible wind bites my freezing cheeks

The mall is packed by shoppers acting like freaks

The radio blared out endless songs of holiday cheer

The weather speaks of low febricity that cause Texans to fear

Houses outside are decked with lights all aglow

The door of each house are adorned with a bow

Down in the square, a choir sings of carols beloved

As the stars twinkle brightly from high up above

A haywagon pulls by with children all bundled

The ice on the ground causes all the stumble.

The stockings and nativity are put up with care

The music plays softly behind with dancing so fair

The tree is awash with lights and ornaments and tinsel

The interior is full and not one block remains dull

But no scent is caught from its green plastic needles

For many a times, an aroma or none can start a quarrel

Bells and Santa are both easily caught on the doors

But socks and slippers protect our feet from the cold tile floor

My brother and I surf the web for secret tiny gifts

I want to make sure to check everyone off my list

The church is packed full on the holy Christmas night

As we sing carols throughout the service by soft candlelight

The Secret Santa gifts gets my heart beating fast

Makes my wonder when Christmas can’t be a blast.
But one must remember and never forget

The reason of the season or you will regret

You find the word hidden in the name

I know this word which sets my heart aflame

Christ is in Christmas, O let joy ring!

Why keep quiet? Let the church sing!

Look to the manger and be quiet and still

See our Lord and express how you feel

Listen to the lyrics and hear the message ringing true

With Jesus in our hearts, we will never feel blue.

Merry Christmas everyone! Remember the true reason we celebrate the season and cherish

the ones you love.


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