The New Way

Josh and Joanna flew in through a hatch and watched the scene from above. The hazy light seemed to throw an eerie vibe in the air. Joanna tapped her earring and a visor went over her eyes. Scanning….they have the vibranium..and the twins….there’s the Iron Man and the others. Josh cleared his throat and spoke softly. ” We better prepared to fight. I’m getting nervous.” He glanced down to see the brunette Wanda behind Ultron. He sighed, I wish she was on our side. Joanna touched Josh’s arm while gazing at Pietro in a touching way. They snapped out of it once Tony charged. “Let’s go!” Joanna told her brother as she jumped down. They ran along the edge as Josh fired rocks and Joanna threw electrobolts. Josh saw a beam come lose & fall and sent a slab of metal to protect anyone under it. He then began help the fallen Avengers. Joanna shot a bolt at an attacking solider before heading to the city to assist Tony with the remaining Hulk. After all the ruckus died down and Hulk had snapped out of it, they went outside to the forest where they came face to face with two shadows.

Pietro and Wanda spilt up. Pietro ran past others, tripping them up while Wanda made the others see nightmares. Wanda went after one after one, but spotted something odd. Thor was about to be crushed when a metal plane blocked the falling beam. Her chocolate eyes scanned the room, but saw no one. Odd, they don’t have Earth powers. Who did that? She shook it off and sent her magic Thor’s way. She tried to do the same with Clint, but he spun around and hit her. Pietro tried to grab Thor’s hammer, but was sent flying. Guess I’m not worthy or whatnot. He closed his eyes as he was about to hit a frame, but a net caught him. Strange, what type of tech is this. Pietro then grabbed his sister and ran outside. ” You ok, sister?!” ” Yes, but I want the big one” she replied, eyes glowing. So she sent Hulk into the city in a rage. Pietro and Wanda then walked into the forest, silent when they saw two familiar forms. Wanda breathed out, ” в том, что?…”

The fog lifted and the Xander twins were face to face with the Maximoff twins. The wind blew colder as the twin sets stared at each other, seeming to drink in the other’s features. Joanna took down her visor and grabbed Josh’s hand. ” Это их, что теперь?” they asked at the same time, they laughed a bit before looking at the Sokovian twins. Wanda and Pietro laughed a bit too at their unison. They are like us, twins. Wanda cleared her throat, ” Who are you two? We have never seen twins like you before.” Pietro nodded as he gazed into the girl’s amber eyes. Wanda waited, taking in how they acted, looked and even their body language. Josh grinned a bit, but then shook it off. He grabbed Joanna and turned to run down the hill. Pietro and Wanda were startled when took off running. ” Wait!” Pietro shouted and took off after them with Wanda following.

Before Joanna knew it, Josh had grabbed her hand and they took off down the mountain. ” O que está mal!? Podemos falar con eles!” she angrily shot at him before they stopped. Josh looked at her with serious, but sympathetic eyes. She gasped as he quietly answered. ” They are not our mission, the Avengers are. The Avengers just ran off and we must help them now. The twins can wait techie.” Joanna nodded, knowing he spoke the truth. They embraced as the Maximoffs approached them. Pietro came close as Josh stepped in front of Joanna. ” Please, what are your names? At least tell us that?” Pietro begged. Wanda gave Joanna a pleading look, not wanting to invade their minds. I know I always do it, but there’s something about them. Josh sighed and turned on the jet pack. ” Entschuldigung, nicht jetzt. Wir hoffen, uns wieder zu treffen.” They took off with a wave and the twin sets departed with heavy hearts.

Josh and Joanna remained silent until they reached the safe house where the Avengers were staying. They made them self comfortable in the hay loft of the barn, adjoined form the house.  Joanna spent the days on her holocomputer, gathering data of Ultron and where his next move was. Joanna tracked him to Seoul, South Korea and pulled out her drive. She looked at it and knew she had to be careful this time. She got up to find her brother. Josh watched the Avengers and Clint’s kids. He enjoyed the woods fully and sent Thor hints of where he could go to revisit his vision given by Wanda. I wonder if they really know what Ultron wants….I would like to punch Tony though…He messed up BIG time. He was knocked out of his thoughts by his sister walking up the stream to find him. ” Wir geben ihnen diese Daten zu helfen. Wir haben nicht viel Zeit.”

They waited until nightfall to sneak in the house. They quickly located Tony’s computer and had it download the drive. They then went to the roof, after checking to see that Joanna had the drive, to stargaze. Joanna spotted the different constellations and compared them to the ones they saw at home. Josh laughed, they are pretty different yet I still like it here. Joanna couldn’t mind read, but guessed what he was thinking and nodded. ” Terra é fermoso. Espero que estar un tempo.” she whispered as she held his hand. Twin vibes form the win, as humans say. Josh smiled and they went back to stargazing, but they both thought of the Maximoffs. Little did that know that on the other side of the world, another set of twins were doing the same thing.

Pietro and Wanda had watched them leave with sad eyes. Wanda hung her head, mad about not getting to know the strange boy and girl. Pietro lifted her head and kissed her forehead, ” Komm, lass uns um sie morgen sorgen.” She nodded and they sped back to Ultron’s base. He explained that they were head for Seoul and they let now. Here we go again, to make another copy of him?!, Wanda thought angrily. When they arrived however, it was night so they could rest. The twins went stargazing on the roof for a few hours, but Pietro spoke. ” Do you think we’ll see them again Red?” Wanda smiled. ” Of course” she took his hands, ” I have a feeling we will.”

The next morning, Bruce went down first to check on the laptop to find it open.Odd, did Tony forget again! Bruce scrolled through the files as the others had a quick breakfast and discussed their next move. ” Hey, new data stored in here says he’s headed for Seoul.” Bruce looked up at their surprised faces. A question ran through their minds as they prepared themselves and the jet. Who got us the info and why? Nat spoke to Bruce, ” Run an analysis on it and come back to it.” He nodded and they all boarded. ” Ok, next stop Seoul!” Clint called from the cockpit. Bang, scratch, clink! Something was on the roof, but nothing showed. He shrugged and took off, not knowing that two teens were griping on the top, smiles wide and hopes high.

Joanna and Josh held onto the top as the quintet soared through the azure, cloudy sky. Joanna gasped in awe of the scene below. Woah! It’s so beautiful below as it is above, so much like Xander. Josh was a bit afraid of heights, but was eased by his twin’s wonder. Several hours past and they were tired from doing little to nothing, for fear of being found out. Then Josh shook her, ” Look!” Joanna and Josh stared at the sight. Seoul, South Korea towered above the clouds as they approached the science facility. The jet landed with a bump as the others rushed out. Joanna scanned the building and sent the info to the Avengers com. ” Ultron is uploading himself into the body, we must hurry. He’s preparing to leave.” Josh caused the building to be a little unsteady for Ultron as Joanna set up tech traps for him. Josh called to her, ” I’ll go in to help the others, you go after Ultron and that case!” Joanna nodded and took off.

Wanda and Pietro had been watching as Ultron used Loki’s staff to control the nurses and staff to create a new android. Wanda slowly approached the case. ” I can read him, I see clearly now.” She dug her way in to see a vision of catastrophe, the Earth destroyed and it’s people. She gasped and stumbled back, tears forming. Pietro touched her and saw what she did. She’s getting unstable now. Why would he do that? ” You said you would destroy the Avengers, not the world” he hissed at the AI looking them. Ultron went on about his plan and tried explaining it, but both of them knew what to do. Wanda covered her mouth in horror as Pietro embraced and tenderly kissed her head. What do we do now Silber? We wait and then we strike him Rot.


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