The New Way

Josh flew all the way back to New York and remained there a few days. He remained in the rafters and saw Tony acting strange. What is he working on? What did that witch, Wanda, do to him? He snuck into the lab when Bruce and Tony left and found, much to his shock, they were building an AI. He sent the info immediately to the Nova Corps and kept Joanna updated. She too was shocked and began to ask to come. ” No, remain there in case something happens. I’ll be fine, tonight’s the party and I feel like something might happen. I love you sis, be safe, bye.” He ended the call and hid behind a pillar, observing the jokes, joy and fun they were having. After the Thor challenge, which why try?!, a screeching noice broke through and Josh grabbed his ears. A mangled robot walked towards them as the Avengers slowly got up and Josh glanced at Tony’s horrified face. Oh no, it’s gone so wrong…..

Josh stood stunned as Ultron gave a speech to the Avengers. His two-colored eyes flashed from Ultron to the Avengers in utter shock. He shook as Ultron released Tony’s own robots to attack. One came flying towards him and he jumped up, flipping over and forward. He reached out, feeling the air and pushed the robot back. It crashed against the wall in pieces before powering down. He climbed up into the rafters before another could spot or attack him. Finally Thor threw his hammer at Ultron, destroying the robot. That won’t kill it though, I think. Man, Технарь would know more about this then me. He made his way out a window and onto the roof, he needed the fresh air. A few days past by as he gathered data from what he knew and the possible outcomes. He saw Ultron had badly damaged JARVIS and disappeared. He frown, what did he…, a call interrupted his thoughts. He answered, “Hello?”

Joanna was anxious, she had heard rumors of the new AI made by Stark had disappeared with evil intentions. She watched as the city went into a panic, people screaming and running like they were mad. She was perched on the top of a demolished church when she spotted two familiar faces walking towards the church. The twins! Her sharp amber eyes lit up as she jumped behind the wall onto a beam. To her shock, Ultron was right in the middle of the church. What is he doing here!?!?! Her heart beat loudly in her chest, anxious that Pietro and Ultron were here. She listened as Ultron offered to help them get revenge if they would help tear the Avengers apart. Fury, fear and sadness waged war in her mind as they left. She stopped the recording device in her necklace and peered over the edge to watch Ultron leave with the twins. What now?

Joanna ran back home to call her brother. ” Brother, I know where Ultron is. He’s here! And he’s planning to steal a metal called vibranium in Wakanda with the help of the twins. We must call Nova Prime!” Josh growled at her bad news and then calmed down. ” Yes, let’s tell her.” They set up the call as quickly as they could and told Nova the news. Nova remained silent, but her eyes flashed the frustration boiling over. Josh broke the silence, ” Ma’am, what should we do?” Nova then spoke, ” Give them the data you have, you must assist them in the shadows. I have a feeling they will need your help. Good luck.” She broke off and they were left staring at each other through the screens. Joanna inhaled, ” I’ll be over there with the info soon, wait for me rocha” (Rock). Josh grinned and nodded. He closed the communicator and thought of Wanda. Her face seemed to haunt him, but in a dreamy way. He sighed, ” I hope we met for real and on good terms sometime.”

Joanna arrived on her invisible jet pack within an hour and landed next to her brother. ” Entón, como estamos a facer iso?” ( So how are we doing this?) Josh smiled and whispered, ” We are going to sneak into their database.” His blue and green eyes danced with glee as his twin’s amber eyes widened with surprise. ” Ok then. Let’s go.” They ran to the other side and slid down into the building through the vents. Josh removed a vent and jumped down into a darkened room with pale blue lights. Joanna flipped out and took from her pack a flash drive and stuck it into the main frame computer. Josh kept an eye out for movement as his sister hacked the system to put in their data. Footsteps! I better hurry. Click click Josh eyed the right hallway to see Clint and Natasha approaching. Joanna finished and hastily pulled the drive out. Josh scrambled towards her, ” Non hai tempo! Acelerar, nos ocos de ventilación!” (No time! Hurry, into the vent!)

Clink, crash! Natasha and Clint glanced at each other and rushed into the data room. Nat had her taser out while Clint checked the computer. ” Nothing wrong, some new info.” He took a closer look at the new file, “..wait, we better tell Cap about this!” Clint exclaimed as he put a drive in to download the newly-inputted data. Nat nodded and checked the surroundings. Okay, I thought I saw the vent move but there’s nothing in there. Huh? She felt her foot hit something small on the floor and bent down to pick it up. She kept it in her hand as they walked out. ” Clint, is this your drive?” she asked, holding up an odd-looking drive. Clint looked confused as they walked towards the common room. ” No, I’ve never seen one like that in my life.” Nat looked at it then him, a question on both their minds. Whose was it and where did it come from? They walked into the briefing room as Cap began to speak.

Cap stood up and walked to Tony. ” What were you..” He got cut off by the arrogant billionaire, ” I was merely trying to protect the world from more danger.” Natasha scoffed. ” Seems more like you put into more danger then before.” Tony rolled his eyes and sat down, pouting. Thor spoke, ” We must alleviate this iron threat before it goes too far.” Clint held up the odd-looking drive. ” Got it. He’s headed to Wakanda to get vibranium. The info was on this drive” he held up the curious looking drive. Cap crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow, ” Who’s is that?” Nat and Clint looked at each other. Nat sighed and Clint shrugged. ” We don’t know.” Silence passed over them before Bruce spoke up. ” Well, let’s wait to solve that mystery and go after Ultron at the moment.” Everyone nodded and exited to prepared for takeoff.

Josh and Joanna sped through the vents as quickly and silently as possible. Joanna stoped as they passed the lab and grabbed her twin’s ankle. ” Irmán, escoite!” ( Brother, wait!) she whispered as they watched from the vent’s opening. Josh grinned at their success in giving them the data, but then stared as Clint held up a drive. Joanna’s drive. Joanna’s face burned up as she looked in her pack to find the drive gone. ” .Teñen lo…” ( They have it) Josh whispered. They were frozen, even after the Avengers left they didn’t move. They didn’t know what to do, but then Josh urged his sister forward. ” Let’s go to Wakanda and assist them. Ultron is unpredictable and we must help them.” Joanna nodded and they went up to the roof. Josh held onto his sister as they jumped and flew off for Wakanda. Joanna shot her brother a worried glance, but Josh smiled back at her. We got this.

Pietro and Wanda walked towards the rusted ship. ” Remind me what we have to do.” Pietro said to his sister with an annoyed tone. Wanda rolled her eyes, feelings mutual, ” We are to go in the ship and convince the captain to give us the vibranium. Ultron should be here soon.” Pietro snorted. ” The Avengers should come as well” he stated as he picked her up and ran into the captain’s office. The captain was startled and fumbled with his words as they stood still. Pietro and Wanda groaned as the captain offered them candy. Он такой трус и Ultron здесь еще ?!?! (He’s such a coward and is Ultron here yet?!) Bored, Pietro zipped around and back. Just as Pietro then took a piece, Ultron came in. ” Let’s do business” he droned in a slightly rusted voice. They made him give them the rare metal, but three voices stopped them at the bridge.

Tony, Cap and Thor confronted Ultron. ” Aww, you’re going to make your old man sad.” Tony smartly remarked. Cap and Thor growled a bit before putting their focus back on their enemy. Cap scowled as Ultron stated that peace and quiet were two different things and taking down the Avengers was first. Tony snapped and charged. They flew up in the air throwing fists and punches as the others went after the twins and others. The fight seemed to be in Ultron’s favor, but Clint would change that. Thor shot a bolt of lighting after the blue blur when an iron beam came crashing down. It had come lose and was falling down towards Thor’s position.  He jerked his hammer to cover his head, but nothing happened. He glanced up to his a slab of metal had covered him. The slab and beam were then dropped in front of some soldiers. What was that? Within minutes, Ultron then left and the other retreated due to their current state. Tony went into the city to calm Hulk ( who had been subject to Wanda’s spell ) down as the others went home to recover.


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