The New Way

Josh jumped from branch to branch until he was at the door. He watched his sister set up some wires and set off an outhouse. He grinned, her and her tech. Now, to follow Tony. He blended into surroundings and silently followed the loudmouth billionaire. Could he be any more obnoxious? He rolled his eyes as he opened a secret door and slipped in after Tony. He saw the scepter and gasped. Loki’s scepter! That’s what they are after, I better tell Joanna. He hid behind a bookcase to call her on the com, but stopped when he saw a figure behind Tony. He watched as Tony seemed to groan and get upset. What’s up with him? he thought as he bumped a vase off the shelf. He jumped at the crash, freezing in place. He crouched down and stared as a girl found him. Woah, who is she? They both seemed stunned, but they were curious too. She began to approach him, but the same wind from earlier grabbed her and took off, breaking the moment.

Wanda ran. She had just attacked the leader of the Avengers and now needed to guard the scepter. I can’t believe I did it! He’s not dead, but he so didn’t know I was here! She grinned as entered the room and stopped dead in her tracks. Tony Stark… She clenched her fists as she snuck up behind me. She exhaled, releasing her magic in his mind. He saw his nightmare and she knew her work was done. She turned sharply and started to walk out. Crash! She stopped, listening, someone was in the room. She looked behind a bookcase and stared. A boy, about her age, stared back. His blue and green eyes had a look of shock and fear. He sat still, stunned at her. She begin to reach out her hand and mind, but Pietro rushed in to take them back. We are done here, let’s head home.

Wanda and Pietro rushed back into the city. Wanda was the first to speak, ” We should wait at home until we know what to do.” Pietro nodded, but someone else was on his mind. The amber eyes haunted his vision and the white hair seem to glisten in his eyes. Wanda saw his vision, but also saw the boy as well. His ruffled brown and shocking eyes filled the empty air. Pietro stopped at an abandoned house and sat down on the porch. ” You saw her too?” he asked, figuring that she had entered his mind. She smiled a bit. ” Ja, I saw the boy too” she replied blushing. Suddenly they stared at each other, realizing what might be happening in their hearts. ” We have to figure out how they are and fast.” Wanda quickly threw out. They brushed back the feelings, They are fake…they have to be. Pietro held his sister’s hand, ” Kommen Sie, besuchen wir die Bibliothek” ( Come, lets visit the library ) and with that they sped off again.

Josh remained quiet, then shook his head. ” Wake up Josh! We need to go! ” He quickly left the room, noting that Tony had taken the scepter. He ran outside and found his twin waiting in a tree. ” Well, what happened?” she yelled down to him as he climbed up. He swung up next to her and sighed. ” They got back Loki’s scepter. All is well now.” She smiled and put away her gear. ” Imos volver, logo temos moito que facer.” ( Let’s head back then, we have a lot to do). They took off and within 10 minutes reached their Earth home, an abandoned library. They went in and sat down among the scattered books. The shelves and rows had been broken and battered form riots, but they both liked the broken vibe it all gave. Suddenly, a ringing sound came from Joanna’s pack. They stared at each other with wide eyes as the ringing echoed against the cold, stone walls.

Joanna scrambled towards her pack and pulled out a small communicator. Josh got up behind her as she answered the call. An older lady in high-ranking dress answered. ” Agents Josh and Joanna reporting, Nova Prime” Joanna stated. Nova Prime nodded, ” Report.” Short and simple…Josh spoke up. ” The Avengers successfully invaded the HYDRA base and retrieved Loki’s scepter, their teamwork is excellent and they don’t seem to have great advancements.” Joanna then spoke, ” However, there are two powered teens that seemed to be with HYDRA, a boy about 15 with super speed..” Her brother cut in, ” and a girl with magic and mentally abilities about the same age.” Nova Prime nodded thoughtfully. ” I believe Josh should go to the Avengers tower to watch them at home base, as for the twins, those are the Maximoff twins.”

Josh and Joanna looked at each other, puzzled. ” I will send you both the information you need, now continue your assignment. Good work.” Nova Prime stopped the call and they both sighed in relief. We’ve done well, but we need to keep going. They did their fistbump and Josh left to pack his bags. Joanna grinned and opened her computer to read about the twins. They are orphans….lost their parents to Stark’s missiles…experimented on from the power of Loki’s scepter! Her amber eyes began to fill with salty tears as she read. She could almost feel their lonely pain and once again saw the boy’s white hair and blue eyes staring at her. How could they! Well HYDRA is heartless, but to them? Josh came back in with his bags and she saw by his red eyes, he too had read the bio. She held out her arms.

Josh had gathered his bags and read the bio, pain and anger filled him at the thought of that beautiful girl being hurt. He threw his clothes and gadgets that Технарь ( Russian for Techie) gave him. Oh that Earth nickname….she hates and loves it.. A tear slid down his cheek as he continued reading the Maximoff’s story. He finished packing as he heard his sister crying. He came into the room, dropped his bags and ran to embrace her. They were crying on each other for 5 solid minutes, just knowing that each other was there. Joanna broke away as Josh wiped her tears away. ” non chore, irmá. Nós imos estar ben e eu nunca vou deixar.” ( Don’t cry, sister. We will be ok and I’ll never leave you) He kissed her forehead at the crown of her white locks and left.

Joanna breathed out and called after him. ” Estea seguro e non sexa pego!” ( Be safe and don’t get caught!) She saw him grin before taking off to the Tower. She sighed and hummed a song to herself. She heard a wind blow and stood up. It’s him….he’s coming at about 194 mph! She jumped up into the ceiling and watched them enter. They spoke in German, but she knew they were talking about the Avengers and ” Diese beiden neuen Teens” ( those two new teens). They both know us? Josh must have seen Wanda while I saw Pietro. Just stay and wait. They talked for about 15 minutes ( which seemed like 2 minutes to her) then left. She remained hidden, daydreaming about the boy. ” Pietro” she whispered happily.

Pietro and Wanda stopped at the doorway and sat down. ” Do you think they were helping anyone?” Pietro asked his quiet sister. Wanda thought for a moment and then spoke in German. ” Ich glaube, wir sollten sie studieren. Ich bin nicht sicher, wer oder was sie sind.” ( I think we should study them, I’m not sure who or what they are.) Pietro nodded, ” They seem to be our age and yet not from here.” They remain silent, thoughts and questions running through their minds. They heard a tiny sound and looked up. Wanda thought she spotted a figure while Pietro spotted some objects in the library. They looked at each other and shook their heads. Pietro then gently picked up his sister and they left.


3 thoughts on “The New Way

  1. brentimusminimus says:

    Hey there, I’ve been meaning to ask if the strange words on this post are the actual English translation for German and Russian?


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